Coolest Mummy Birthday Cake

Traditionally for Halloween, but my son loves scary things, so he requested a Mummy birthday cake for his birthday.

This is a double layer 9in round cake (easy) with decorations. I carved out a bit to hold the huge Okey-Dokey gumball (bulk barn) eyeballs, and did ribbon piping for the “wrapping”. Smarties for teeth and some red gel for the blood.

Surprisingly easy to do with a steady hand!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Mummy Birthday Cake”

  1. This is amazing! My son is only 2 but his birthday is right around Halloween and I’m sure this idea will make its way to our table one year when he’s older! Thank you! It’s horrifyingly fantastic!

  2. i like this cake a lot, especially for mom’s who are not the best at baking. what a winner. well done!

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