My niece changed her mind at least 3 times about what she wanted as her cake for her 6th birthday. She eventually found one online that this cake was modeled after, so the design of the cake isn’t mine, but I did make this particular My Little Pony 6th Birthday Cake.

I had decided I wanted to try to start making cakes, and this was going to be my first. A few weeks before making this cake, I started working as an “apprentice” on Saturday mornings at a bakery here in Atlanta. So, I had the opportunity to learn a few things before making my first cake of my own. I made this cake 100% by myself and am quite proud of it! I know it is far from perfect, but for my first shot, I think I did quite good!

The cake is a vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry buttercream filling. It is coated in buttercream frosting, and then covered with a “baby pink” fondant. All of the accents (except for the ponies) are made from fondant, including the pearl border and the “6”.

Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated!