Coolest Mystery Machine Cake

This Mystery Machine cake was made for my son’s 3rd Birthday. I made a 9×11 chocolate sheet cake which I iced using buttercream icing. Then I made fondant from a recipe I found online using marshmallows. I added color using Wilton’s Paste Icing colors and kneaded the fondant until the color was evenly spread, adding more paste as needed to get vivid hues.

I cut out the shapes and letters from the fondant, including the van, by hand and using small cookie cutters. Using icing from a tube I purchased (also Wilton), I added the details and wording. The Scooby Doo character is a packaged cake decorating cookie. I place the cake on a plastic cake bottom that I reused from a purchased cake. It was a little time consuming, but I fondant didn’t taste like the prepackaged kind, more like marshmallow.

And the most important thing: My son loved it and everyone else thought it was great too!