Coolest Navy ROTC Cake

We made this Navy ROTC Cake for the Leadership Seminar August 6th and 7th 2009 at West Ouachita High School. I am a proud cadet in the West Ouachita JROTC Program, C/SN Johnson! Yep… That’s me.

So, I volunteered myself to make a cake for our chill and grill that was held after leadership announcements. My mom and I made an American Flag cake as well as this one and I made cupcakes, too. Well, all this is, one box of chocolate cake which made two 9 inch layers. We stacked them on top of each other and iced it with white store bought icing.

Then we made homemade fondant and colored them the right colors then fixed it up with the fondant. The W and the O are written with red colored white icing and the words “NAVY” and “JROTC” are written with yellow colored white icing. W O stands for West Ouachita. Hope you like it!! Thanks!