Coolest Nemo 2nd Birthday Cake

I made this Nemo 2nd Birthday Cake for my two year old who loved fish and Nemo. The sand is crushed Biscoff biscuits, which I thought really looked like sand. The rocks are candy rocks and Cold Stone Creamery style Jelly Belly jelly beans. The fish are both candy gummy fish and fruit treats in a Nemo theme from the grocery store (much cheaper than the big, fancy gummy fish from the candy store). My husband drew Nemo and I used sixlets for the bubbles and wrote “Max is Two”.

The seaweed is green apple fruit roll up type snacks, and my tip is to cut them wavy on both sides. It looks more like seaweed that way. I also used sour straws to make some other type of seaweed. I had more plans, but I was afraid that the cake was going to look too busy if I went through with them!