Coolest Nemo And Dory Birthday Cake

This Nemo And Dory Birthday Cake wwas made for my 3 year old twins. I always like to make them 2 separate cakes, but of the same theme.

When they were one, I made Noah’s Ark with the animals coming two by two. The pictures of that one are too embarrassing to put up!

Then when they were two, they had Dora and Boots. That nearly had me in tears making those, since I am not a professional cake maker or decorator.

But by year 3, I am getting the hang of things and I am actually quite proud of my efforts this year. I hope you like them.

Since their third birthday, I have set up a “mumpreneur” business in Spain called making edible cake toppers. Problem solved making novelty cakes out of my depth!

Although, that said, I have quite got into making their cakes each year so I think I will still be carrying on the family tradition of a fabulous (or not so fabulous) homemade novelty cake but having some photo cupcakes for the birthday party too. The kids love them with their own pictures on!

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  1. I appreciate that you take the time to make them 2 separate cakes to make their birthdays special. They will really love that when they are older! These cakes are adorable.

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