My idea for this Nemo and Friends Birthday Cake came from a little boy that was turning 3 and really wanted a Nemo cake for this birthday. I just used a box cake and I just bought white frosting at the store. I had problems finding Nemo characters. So I found a box of Nemo gummies and cut out Nemo and Squirt and typed them to a stick.

I had problems finding plants and rocks that would be good so I used forest plants and cut them down so they would work in the cake. I found rock candy for the rocks. Blue frosting for the waves. I found fish candles to add more fish and to have cool candles for the cake. I just used a piece of cardboard for the base so that I would write Happy 3rd birthday Dallas. I did not want to write it on the cake because it would have been too much for the cake. I really had to use my imagination for this since I found out that in 2010 Nemo is really not that popular anymore.

Just have fun and find things at the store that you think will work and go with it. The birthday person will be happy with what ever you make because you made it for them.