Coolest Nemo and Friends Cake

I was given the challenge to make a ‘Nemo cake’ by one of my workmates for a leaving do in the office. This Nemo and Friends cake was the result. I am very pleased with it and even though I ‘cheated’ a bit by using a Betty Crocker cake mix (carrot cake) and butter cream frosting, I still consider this cake one of my best creations.

I used two round cake pans and dyed the butter-cream frosting blue. I frosted the top and middle of the cake then used modelling fondant icing sugar and various food coloring to make Nemo and his mates. Yep, it took forever to mix the food coloring up and make the fish shapes (writing icing was used for the detailing and eyeballs). I bought a bag of Harribo for the starfish and some silver balls and candy stars for added decoration.

My work colleagues were very impressed and it was heartbreaking to have to cut it up and eat it- I made sure lots of photos were taken beforehand.