Coolest Nemo and Pooh Book Cake

This book cake was for a double birthday (as you can see). This homemade Nemo and Pooh book cake comprised 2 rectangular cakes (I think they were plain vanilla/butter cakes) joined together. The natural curved top of the cakes only had to be trimmed slightly to look like the pages of an open book.

The white icing was butter icing and on the edges I used a fork to texture the icing to imitate pages of a book. I piped some brown icing around the base to represent the cover of the book. The pictures (Nemo and Pooh) were traced onto rice paper and I used jelly icing to colour them in. I did this on a board, not on the cake. I found the jelly icing made the rice paper quite weak, so had to let it dry overnight before trying to move it. I got a small tear in Nemo that had to be repaired when on the cake.

I used some food colouring for the backgrounds for each picture. The writing was again using the jelly icing you buy in a tube from the supermarket.