Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake

For my son’s 4th birthday at school, he asked for a Finding Nemo birthday cake. I made this cake using one white and one chocolate cake baked in a 10 in round pan. I stacked the cakes on top of each other with orange flavored and colored butter cream icing in between.

I then iced the cakes and added the blue fondant to cover the cake. This was a little difficult since the cake was so tall. I had to roll the fondant out several times before I got it right. I rolled the fondant up around my rolling pin, making sure I had powdered sugar to keep it from sticking, and then placed it over my cake.

Then I cut off the excess. Then I molded the Nemo and Sea Creatures with colored fondant. I let Nemo and the Sea Creatures dry over night. I did attach the green Sea Weed/Grass as soon as I cut it out. I made edible glue with Tylo Powder and used a very little bit to attached everything.

The cake was a big hit at school and most importantly, Jacob loved it.