Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake

I decided to do a Nemo Underwater theme for my son’s 2nd birthday. One thing I knew for sure is I wanted to make every on the Nemo birthday cake edible. Therefore, I did my son’s favorite characters; Nemo, Dori, Bruce, Turtle, and the Sting Ray (teacher).

I started with a rectangle cake, and 2 – 8 in circle cakes. I cut one circle cake to add to the rectangle cake for more room to tier Nemo and is home, then cut the other 8 in to create Nemo’s home. I added blue coloring to the cake batter to keep with the underwater theme.

The characters are made from marshmallow fondant, and yes it took forever; the hardest being Dori due to the different colors. You can not see Dori here as she is on the back side of the cake. I wanted to make the cake fun on all sides. I have done fondant characters before just not to this extent.

The cake was a hit with all the kids and parents, and my son and daughter opened the fridge the night before the party about a 100 times to view Nemo. It was worth the time! Note if you are trying fondant characters take your time, and wear gloves. I suggest tons and tons of shortening to help with sticky marshmallows. I used Wilton’s food coloring to color all the cake. I also stopped by a cake supply store to get the sea shells and crabs so I did not have to make candy molds and therefore could spend more time on the characters. Thanks! Loving Mom!