Coolest Nemo Birthday Cake Idea

This Nemo Birthday Cake Idea was for my son’s first birthday. He loved fish so this was perfect. It was my first attempt and freehand artwork on a cake I did. I was very pleased with the results. I had just gotten a pastry tip set and could not wait to try them out on this cake design. I used so much gel color and got crazy with all the underwater coral colors. It was a lot of fun.

The shape was from a standard cake pan and when I made a second cake it kinda just free formed itself which is why its a odd shape, but I made it work. I used buttercream frosting and colored it myself with the gel coloring tubs. Little color went a long way. I was very new to coolest at the time and viewed a lot of Nemo cakes on the site to get some ideas (which I now view so often).

I used different tips for all the shapes and grass for under water sea life. I used the small tip and outlined Nemo, then filled him in and spread it all around. It took 2 tries for his flipper. It looked easier than it was. I loved making the underwatrer scene. I used Rock candy for the sea rock in diffrent colors. I got it at a bulk candy shop in NYC.

I used crushed graham craker crumbs for the sand on the cake. The tray is lined with blue tissue paper with clear plastic to look like water underneath. It was a huge hit. Even though he was only one he sure loved eating it!