Coolest Nemo Cake

My son was turning 2 and he is in love with Nemo. I knew I needed to make my 1st cake. (I was scared). I came upon this site while doing my search! And used some others ideas.

I did 2 9×13 white cakes with chocolate filling, 2 9in layered round cakes with Vanilla filling, and 1 7in Square cake carrot with cream cheese filling. I used Wilton recipe for Buttercream frosting, tinted it with Wilton Coloring Blue (Cant remember the #).

Did the seaweed with a leaf tip #47 with a line of a light green down the middle. And Coral with the orange, I drew some starfish and other fish. I used Choco chips for the dirt with some sprinkles, Rock candy for some coral.

After I was through decoration I put 4 cake sticks in the cake so I would have something for my topper to go since my topper was so heavy. (I had to buy a whole Nemo fish tank and use the figurine in it for my cake topper, because no one carries anything Nemo where I live). And tada! I’m so glad I found this site!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Nemo Cake”

  1. Now this is what you call a cake…you have made the top of the list! What spirit you have! Good luck baking many more cakes to come!

  2. I love your cake!! I do have a question about it…where did you find the rock candy crystals? I am attempting to make a Nemo cake but I don’t even know where to being looking for rock candy crystals!

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