I made this Nemo Scene Birthday Cake mostly of Fondant. Since the fondant is a little bland, I put a little bit of vanilla flavoring in. All the coral, Nemo and Dora are handmade. It took about 2 days to craft all the coral,Nemo and Dora.

I let them air dry for about 2 days as well, just so the fondant would not be sticky when I started to paint them. When working with Fondant you need to work quickly,it tends to get sticky when its warm. The base of the cake is a regular store bought box cake mix, just follow the directions for mixing. I crumbled up a package of cinnamon flavored graham crackers for the sand. I choose cinnamon because it had that little shimmer to it.

To make Nemo and Dora look like they are floating , I placed them on sucker sticks with green Fondant seaweed all around (the seaweed covers up the sticks).

I really had fun making this cake. And the Birthday Boy was very happy.