Coolest Nickle Nickle Birthday Cake

This Homemade Nickle Nickle Birthday Cake was made for my son’s birthday at Nickle Nickle! A video arcade, where the games only cost a nickle.

We started with two round cakes pans. Simple and cost effective because you probably already have these in your collection.

The Homemade Icing!

An old recipe from Dream Whip. Once you try it you will never use store bought again.

Mix: 2- cups Crisco

1- envelope Dream Whip

Turn mixer on slow & add:

1- tsp salt

1- tsp vanilla

1/2 cup cake flour

2/3 cup water

2- pounds powdered sugar

Whip until light & fluffy.

Making it a Nickle!

I used a print out of image of a nickle. By enlarging it to scale I was able to cut out the outline of the head. I used it as a direct template on the cake. The facial features are all freehand. The handwriting too. And of course it has to be silver. There are two options you can buy icing spray at a craft store, Duff cake decorating brand has unusual colors like silver. My problem was that silver was out of stock. I used silver shimmer over the entire cake.

He loved it and so did his friends.

Homemade Nickle Nickle Birthday Cake

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