Coolest Nightmare Before Christmas Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake

I made this Nightmare Before Christmas Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake for my son’s 17th birthday. I used to work in the Disney Store when he was a toddler I brought home NBC he was hooked even at that age and has loved it ever since, he has grown to love all Tim Burton’s work, which has inspired him to follow a career in animation when he leaves school.

This is the 2nd NBC cake I have made for him, last time it was just Jacks face on the cake, I decided to do something more challenging this time, so a wonky cake was in order which suits the NBC theme perfectly, it depicts a scene in the film where Jack comes out of the fountain as The Pumkin King. The graveyard just had to be there as well.

It took days of work but it was all worth it to see the smile on my sons face. I almost did The Corpse Bride but thought the “bridal ” theme might not be appreciated by a 17 year old! Maybe when he gets married? If his future wife approves.

I also love Tim Burton films so it was a pleasure to model the figures and detail the cake. I hope I have done justice to the

original characters

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  1. My name is Max, I’m in high school in yr12, my final year and I do food technology. After weeks of research I have decided that I want to do my best to replicate your cake but I am struggling to do it so far if you could contact me with the steps and recipe to your fantastic idea.

  2. my daughter designs cakes… she wants to make a scene from Nightmare before Christmas for her sister’s birthday… she loves Tim Burton films… especially this one…. Your cake is just perfect… wonderful job… absolutely brilliant!

  3. …although the jack and zero on it are suspiciously identical to the models of jack and zero that i have a bobble head figurine of from Forbidden Planet…but then the rest of it is tremendous so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d modelled replicas of them

    looks superb – top marks!

    how did you manage to do the fencing?

  4. Love it so much detail. Getting married Oct 20 2012 and i would love to have a NBC cake something different, but don’t think i have the patience to make something like that so much detail thumbs up to you.

  5. Love your cake, made my son an NBC cake a couple of yrs ago but nothing compared to this, would like to try this with your help for his 13th in about a week. any tips would be greatly appreciated on how to get started, hope you don’t mind that I want to copy your cake, it’s just that I’m not very creative. And again great job

  6. I’m making my daughters NBC wedding cake. It’s also a topsy turvy cake, and has a black gazebo with Sally and Jack inside it. It will have at least 4 layers. And I was considering putting the other NBC figures around it. The bottom layer is going to be patchwork, like Sally, and then stripes and stuff for the other layers. Not sure what to do about a Jack layer, all white maybe? Not sure. Anyway, it’s going to be fun. I’ve had blast just making the cake topper. Got some REALLY rough photos, but can share them of the topper.

  7. This is a really nice cake, I can’t tell if you made the models or not, I like the way you made the cake more weird by making the layers wonky!

  8. How did you color the fondant figurines? I am curious about the eyes and what not. I want to make something similar for my cousin’s 30th birthday cake and have never undertaken this sort of project before. Any tips would be great!!

  9. hey there, I would just like to say that the cake you made is the sort of one I would like for the wedding of my partner and I cuz we both really do like Nightmare Before Christmas.

    We were thinking about getting one for our wedding and would really like if you made one for us

  10. hello. i was woundering if you would be intrested in making this cake or a night mare before christmas cake and sell it? its really ideal on what i wanted.


  11. you are very talented!!! it’s always more fun doing these things out of love than for “work”…. but if you ever wanted a job decorating cakes I’m sure you could get one tomorrow. beautiful..

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