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Coolest Ninja Turtle Face Cake

This Ninja Turtle face cake was made for the 6th birthday of a huge Michelangelo fan.

I wanted to purchase a turtle cake pan, but the ones I found were extremely expensive since they were considered vintage. Instead, I came up with a Plan B and I found a printable coloring page that I could use as a guide for adding Michelangelo’s face to the cake.

The cake itself is a double layer 10″ chocolate cake with buttercream icing separating the layers.


Decorating the Ninja Turtle Face Cake

  • After baking and cooling the cake, I crumb coated it.
  • I then took the coloring page and traced the face onto the cake.
  • I filled in the turtle face with the appropriate colors of icing.
  • Then I used the star tip to star over the crumb coating of the cake.

The cake was a big hit!

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