Cool Homemade Ninja Turtles Birthday Cake

First I found a picture from one of my son’s colour-in -books that I thought would be a good design for a Ninja Turtles Birthday Cake. I then sketched the image to the size I wanted for the cake onto some greaseproof/see-through paper.

The cake was made by using Vanilla Butter Cake packet mix as I find the packet mix cakes are easier to ice than cakes that are totally home-made.

When the cake was totally cooled, I used toothpicks to secure the sketched image onto the cake and then cut out the outside edge of the design. The other outlines and details of the design were “marked” onto the cake by inserting a skewer/toothpick at close intervals along the lines of the sketched image so that the detail of the design was left on the uniced cake.

I used vanilla butter icing tinted in the appropriate colours to ice the cake. The black outline is licorice straps cut to the right length and width as needed.

6 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Ninja Turtles Birthday Cake”

  1. I was looking for a simple TMNT pattern and this is great! I am not a good froster, but I will do my best to duplicate it!

  2. No, I didn’t use a pan, I cut the design from 2 rectangle slabs of vanilla butter cake. I found a picture in a colour-in-book and sketched it to a larger size that I thought would be suitable for a cake. You could also enlarge a picture on a scanner if you didn’t want to sketch a picture.

  3. I didn’t use any special tin. I made this cake exactly to the description I submitted above. I have made lots of character cakes for my children and they have all been made in the same way. Other designs have included Ben Ten, Spiderman, Batman, Homer Simpson, just to name a few. They are always often a case of trial and error, but always turn out. The more you make, the more confident a cake decorator you become.

  4. I baked the cake, allowed it to cool completely and then iced it. I have never frozen a cake before icing it.

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