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Coolest Ninjago Birthday Cake

I made this Ninjago Birthday Cake for my nephew’s son, who turned 6. He asked me if I could make this cake of Ninjas’s, which before now, had never heard of. So in doing research, I found “Ninjago.com”, which is a web site of this cartoon. So from there, I took his favorite Ninjas, and started copying them with a Wilton Gumpaste recipe.

Since the old man Ninja is the master, I thought he would make a great cake top. My first and second attempt to make his rice hat was a failure. So I took parchment paper and tape and I made the form of the hat, then placed gum paste on top, cut along the edge to make the smooth form, put in the fridge, and let it harden over night. Third time was the charm, however to insure it wouldn’t break again, I put frosting on the Ninja’s head to hold it.

It made the trip to my nephews’ house well. The beard broke when I placed it on the cake, so I just added another layer of beard, and no one noticed the mistake. The cake batter was yellow cake batter for cupcakes, from the Food Network. I made my own butter cream of a stick of butter, 1/4 cup of cream cheese and 1/4 cup shortening, and 2 lbs confectioner sugar a tbsp. of milk and almond flavoring. Coating with fondant is tricking, but I looked at a few you tube videos, and covering all mistakes with Legos, was very forgiving.

The Lego tops were made with a round piping tip, and I made the squares with a knife, nothing precise. The name “Leland”, took some time and patience. I made snake like letters, then flattened them with my rolling pin, underlayed yellow, and shaped it with an exacto knife, then underlayed a red rectangle shape and followed that with black snake shape around the red. I also saw this done in a you tube video.

The swords I did with gum paste as well, it’s like being back in grade school and playing with clay.

I covered the cardboard at the bottom with red fondant and trimmed with my exacto.

The other 3 Ninjas I shaped rather squarely, so they could stand, made their heads with a mustard yellow and draped fondant over their heads. I shaped the curves with a dowel, to get that folded look. And I drew their face with edible markers. For the black belts in front of their chest I just placed pieces of black.

It was so much fun, and the birthday boy didn’t want to leave the site of the cake. That was the best compliment!!

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