Coolest No Smoking Cake

My friend asked me to make a No-Smoking Cake for her father’s birthday as to discourage him from this habit.

Earlier I don’t know what to do as so far no one has posted in such a cake on the internet. It is My hubby gave me this idea to make a 3D cigarette on top of the No Smoking sign.

So I bake a 9″ round cheesecake and a 8″ sponge Swiss roll. I frosted the round cake with cream and the sign is make of piping gel. I cut the Swiss roll into three part with a shorter part in the center.

Then the center part cut triangle sharp. I arrange the Swiss roll into an angle sharp on the round cake. Then frost it with cream. Lastly I added cocoa powder as ashes.

When the old man saw the cake, he had a good laugh and said he is now too old to smoke. Everyone in the family like the cake.

2 thoughts on “Coolest No Smoking Cake”

  1. My hubby stopped smoking this year so I wanted make a cake for him to celebrate his first non-smoking month. Thank you very much for the idea!


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