I made this Homemade Noah’s Ark Cake for my son Noah’s first birthday. I did lots of research for this cake as I wanted it to be perfect, and all in all it took a few days to finish! I baked a large Madeira sponge in a roasting tin then cut two ovals, one smaller than the other, and carved to make the boat. I then crumb coated with buttercream (once filled) and icing with chocolate fondant. I baked a Madeira loaf separately and crumb coated and iced with the same fondant.

I then stacked on top of each other and cut out strips of chocolate fondant to make the boards, and covered the cake. I then used a cocktail stick to make lines and nail holes. I made the roof and one using home coloured fondant and attached with buttercream. I made the animals in the weeks leading up using fondant dyed at home.

It took a lot of work but was well worth it, everyone loved it!