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Coolest Number 1 Girl Birthday Cake

I made this Number 1 Girl Birthday Cake for my daughter. It was the first cake that I made and decorated and I got my ideas from this site and others on the internet.

I started by baking two rectangular chocolate cakes, let them cool, cut off their domes, cut them up in the shape of a number 1 and put them on top of each other. I cut out the shape using a cardboard ‘pattern’ I had made previously. In between the two layers I spread ready-made chocolate fudge icing. Then I crumb-coated the cake with apricot jam.

I bought coloured icing paste in 3 colours – light pink, shocking pink and lilac, from a local store. I rolled out the light pink icing on baking paper (it stuck to the table when I used corn flour to roll it) and covered the cake with it. Then I stuck the flowers and butterflies on top and to the sides of the cake using a small amount of apricot jam.

I made the flowers and butterflies a week before, and the roses three days before I made the cake. I cut out the flowers from the shocking pink icing using a cookie cutter, added some lines to them with a toothpick and cut out the little circle in the middle from the lilac icing using a piece of plastic pipe. For the butterflies I used a play dough mould and lilac icing. I let them to dry in shape on crumpled tissues. I learnt to make the roses from online videos, using a cookie cutter for the petals. One of the roses holds the candle.

I cut out the letters for the name by using fridge magnets and stuck them to the cake with apricot jam. I rolled coloured balls at the base of the cake to hide where I cut the icing.

Coolest Number 1 Girl Birthday Cake

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