Coolest Octopus Cake

We made this Homemade Octopus Cake for a school cake raffle. We got this awesome idea on our own. We used a pan that is for a basketball for the body and then Twinkies for the tentacles. It turned out really well!

The body was made with a pan that is used for sports (basketball, soccer ball, etc.). We made the two halves two different flavours of choice (we used chocolate and vanilla).

The icing took a long time to put on the cake, but in the end it turned out great! We used candy eyes, and licorice for the “mouth”. Jelly Beans for the bottoms of the tentacles were fast and easy.

We think everyone at the school voted for our cake! All of the other cakes were horrific, which is why everyone voted for our cake. After the raffle, an award was presented to us for ‘Most Interesting Cake’.

Homemade Octopus Cake

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  1. Cool beans
    I like the way the cake is designed you must be really cool and awesome. Great job you coolios i’m going to bake this cake for my sons 2nd birthday!!! :)

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