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Coolest Olaf Birthday Cake from the Movie Frozen

Who doesn’t love the movie Frozen? From the incredible songs and voices to the amazingly funny quirky Olaf, what’s not to love?

I made this cake for the granddaughter of one of my dear friends. Her granddaughter has autism so I knew it was going to be a situation where this cake needed to be as realistic as possible, because 1.. She was going to love it… or 2… she would absolutely hate it and I would completely ruin her birthday party!

The most difficult part about making this cake was his arms and the twigs coming out from the top of his head. It was a little bit trying to get them to look like realistic twigs but I think I did a fairly decent job. With them being such tiny small intricate pieces I was really worried about them breaking, so I made them a few days beforehand and gave them a good amount of dry time.

I sculpted his head with sculpting tools and left it to dry also. After I got a him put together I then used the dry dust method to add shades contouring depth and dimension to bring him to life. Luckily for me she was in complete amazement with her birthday cake and throughout the entire birthday party she couldn’t stop standing at the table staring at it, and pointing it out to people in the room.

So very special!

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