Coolest Olivia Birthday Cake

I made an Homemade Olivia Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I looked all over the internet for ideas before I started. This cake was super easy but a little time consuming!

For the shape, I found a picture of Olivia online and blew it up and outlined with it a sharpie and cut it out to use for a outline to cut the cake into the shape.

For the cake, I baked a chocolate cake mix in a glass 12×15 pan and baked another chocolate cake mix in a 9in square pan(for the ears).

After the cake was cooled and hardened in the fridge, I put the outline on the cake and carved the shape and put it back into the fridge to harden back up to ice.

I used premade buttercream icing and just used red and pink food coloring. As for icing the cake, I iced the ears and face with pink first and then iced Olivia’s dress. The white and red stripes on her shirt was the hardest part for me. And I used black Wilton icing tube for the eyes and nostrils.

I loved making this cake! It turned out great and my daughter loved it.

Homemade Olivia Birthday Cake

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  1. This is the best Olivia cake I have seen & trust me I have searched every nook & cranny of the Internet looking for one! I am going to foolow your directions & try it for my daughter’s 4th birthday party. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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