A friend of mine is a Reiki master and Metaphysics teacher and I thought this OM Cake fits her perfectly.

I started out with a mint chocolate chip cake recipe I found on line at cooks.com. I doubled the recipe since theirs was for a single cake. I made two 9″ cakes and layered them with chocolate mint butter cream frosting. I made marshmallow fondant with 1 pound of marshmallows melted in the microwave and kneaded it with 2 pounds of powdered sugar. First I took a portion of the fondant and cut out the OM pattern I printed online. I then took the remainder of the fondant and colored it 5 different colors. I took the colored fondant and rolled each out into a short log and twisted them together. It was then rolled out and placed over the cake. I took some of the left over fondant and cut a 1″ ribbon to put around the base of the cake.

The OM symbol was then “painted” with some edible silver powder mixed with vodka and sprinkled with edible clear glitter and placed on top. I also brushed the entire cake with the dry edible silver powder to give it a shimmer.