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Coolest Open Book Cake

I made this open book cake for a friend that had a friend that was retiring.  She was a librarian so they thought an open book was appropriate. I used a 1/2 sheet pan and made it half chocolate half white. A few days before I decorated the cake I rolled out piece of white fondant and rolled up the edges to make it look like pages of a book. I also needed it hard enough for me to be able to write on it with edible marker.  I haven’t quite gotten the piping of words figured out. So this was my solution.

I notched out the center of the cake to make it look more authentic. I used white butter cream icing with a star tip and ran it in lines around the edges to make it look like pages of the book. I had some purple, pink, and green butter cream icing left over from another cake so I used it to make the flowers and vines. This was the first time I had made flowering vines and leaves on a cake.  I was pretty happy with the outcome. I also used some purple fondant for the bookmark and I made roses out of fondant to put on the sides.  The saying was something they had decided on.

The were very pleased with the outcome and said it tasted great!

Coolest Open Book Cake

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