Coolest OR Cake

I have been working as a nurse in OR and am now studying medicine. I really loved my work and already made an OR-cake for my team as I left hospital. Now it was a fellow student’s birthday. She loves surgery too and wants to become a surgeon. I thought of copying the design I did some years ago but then I imagined how about going one step further and displaying not the room itself but the sterile field.

For the cake itself I used a recipe I found in a German cooking forum. It is made from 2 layers of sponge cake filled with fresh raspberries and a cream made from whipped cream and some sort of “lemon curd”. The cake is very fruity and eating it always makes me feel like summer.

As for the motive I made marshmallow-fondant and colored it with sugar-flair gel colors. A friend of mine always comes around helping me finding the right color and supporting me with finding the right design. As he studies medicine too he was the best person to help me with this cake. First we discussed what would be visible as soon as you cut open a person’s abdomen. We decided to neglect the fat you would find and to concentrate on the organs. We agreed on liver, colon and the small intestine to be the organs visible. As we had some lighter colored leftovers, we added some metastases to the liver. The green parts represent the sterile drapes and as a proper nurse I added some Roux Retractors and some blood to make it look more realistic. The blood was made from edible sugar glue and food coloring. All in all it took us about 4 hours to create this special cake.

Next day in university my fellow student was so happy about this cake she couldn’t say anything at first and proudly showed it around before eating it. Seeing her smile that wide made all the effort totally worth it.



OR Cake