Coolest Orange Monster Cake

I did this quick orange Monster cake as my submission for the the Halloween potluck at work.  The cake was a double layer chocolate cake with the orange butter cream in the middle as well.  After stacking, I simply covered it in orange frosting using the “grass” tip. Tedious work, but not too bad.  The eyeballs are just donut holes that I skewed on candy sticks, dipped in warmed white butter cream, let them dry and then decorated with more frosting.

I tried to have the eyeballs each a little different, looking a different way and different amounts of “hair” on each. I saw the idea for this cake on Pinterest, which ironically is what I dressed up as for Halloween as well. In fact this picture of this cake was on my “Pinterest board” costume that day as well.  We didn’t have any prizes for the food at our work pot luck, but I did get lots of compliments on this little guy!

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