Coolest Out on the Farm Cake

A very easy farm cake for the 2 year old’s.

Simple chocolate cake cooked in a roasting dish and cut to a #2 (or whatever number you require). I cheated – never very good with icing the sides so just used a green piece of material and pinned it around (alternatively ice…or if you want a classy cheat get some thick green ribbon), make sure you take the pins out before eating!

Iced it with the normal “throw the icing sugar, butter and water in and hope it works” icing, green obviously. Ice accordingly. Chocolate hail for the garden part. Use a knife to put it into rows.

Melted chocolate through an icing funnel thing to make the fences. Pebbles, M&M’s, Smarties or whatever you call them in your country for the outside frame and the mini m&m’s for the green plants.

Throw on a tractor and a few farm animals and waaalaaa, Out on the Farm Cake!


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