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Awesome Homemade Over the Hill Birthday Cake Idea

This Homemade Over the Hill Birthday Cake was so easy to make and took very little time. This cake is made with a 16” round cake pan and two boxed cake mixes. Suggest that you make the signs in advance. Cover the cake with a buttercream crumb coating prior to fondant. This cake is covered in vanilla fondant, green buttercream icing for the grass and trim, black buttercream icing for the black flowers and then black and yellow vanilla fondant for the road and number 50. I just took some of the yellow fondant and rolled into balls for the inside of the flowers.

I took doll rods and painted them with silver paint (covered the bottom of the rods with plastic wrap due to painting the sticks with non edible paint). Created signs on word using “shapes” and making up my own funny signs. I made some “road kill” out of fondant and painted it with edible paint. The candle and car picture holder were purchased from a party store.

Homemade Over the Hill Birthday Cake

5 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Over the Hill Birthday Cake Idea”

  1. This is a very cute and original cake! Really amazing! I’ve never seen another cake like this one! The creator of this cake has lots of talent!

  2. This definitely is the best Over the Hill birthday cake ever! Terrie made it for my hubby’s surprise 50th birthday party at our church connection class. It was not only charming and innovative, but DELICIOUS! Everyone raved about the design and, of course, taste. What wasn’t eaten at the party was brought home and “disappeared” within 2 days!


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