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Coolest Over the Hill Cake

One of my friend’s at work asked me to make a cake for her husband who was just about to have his 40th birthday. We both agreed an over the hill cake would be good.

I started off wanting to make sheep and the rest came from there. Its a fruit cake, and the sheep are made of modeling paste. I put up a road sign pointing away from the hill with Youth town on etc and towards the hill places like pension city!

The stepping stones have the ages on up to 39 and on the back of the cake is number 40. The back of the cake is dark green and I wrote words in the icing of all the things he had to look forward to like, back ache, false teeth etc.

My favourite though is the sheep in the front who is eating something it found in the bin. I hope you like it too.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Over the Hill Cake”

  1. I was wondering how you made the sheep and if it’s all edible? What are the legs made of and how did you make the sheep wool? thanks.

  2. Hi – the sheep were made from a ball of sugar-paste icing, and the legs wooden dowels put in upside down. When dry, turned up the right way, and the squiggles of piped icing for the wool effect.


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