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Coolest Over The Hill Cake

My friend at work turned 52 and she has a great sense of humor so this Over the Hill cake is what I came up with! She said she wanted something pink and pretty!

I found this really cute picture in clip art. I had to enlarge it and then I just traced it onto parchment, traced that with piping gel and transfered it. I filled it in with the #14 and #16 star tip and added shells along the edge along with some simple drop flowers.

This was a big hit in the office and my friend laughed so hard!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Over The Hill Cake”

  1. I love this idea…
    Do you mean you traced it with piping gel, let it dry and took it off the paper and placed on cake? sorry…I’m just not real clear.
    anyway, it is neat. thanks

  2. I’m not exactly sure how she did it. I’ve done it before, it worked out FANTASTIC and so easy! You enlarge the picture to fit the cake how you wish. Then trace it onto parchment (or wax paper) paper with piping gel. Put it in the freezer while you prep the cake. By the time you have your base icing on, it will be ready to “transfer”. Just lay the paper on top of the cake. The piping gel makes an “indent” in the icing and it is very easy to trace with whatever color icing you wish to use. I did this for my daughter’s 7th birthday party (she wanted Strawberry Shortcake). I CANNOT draw free hand, but this “tracing” method worked fantastic and gave great results! The design turned out great!


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