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Coolest Over the Hill Cake

I came up with this idea for this Over the Hill Cake by combing 2 great ideas that I found on your site. One being, driving “Over the Hill” on a road and the other being a “Caution-Old Zone” cake. I used ready to use Wilton frosing for all my decorator frosting. I first frosted the road in grey icing (combining black and white) then I frosted the grass on the rest of the cake using Kelly green frosting.

I frosted the sides with yellow frosting and used the smooth side of a #47 tip to pipe black lines to make it look like caution tape. I broke apart donut holes and “glued” them together with frosting to make the “Hill”. I used the grass tip and piped grass in between the “rocks” to look like moss. I piped the sides of the road in white icing and yellow icing for the lines down the middle of the road. I made the signs out of scrap book paper and a black permanent marker. I taped toothpicks to the back of the signs and placed them around the road.

The finishing touch was the Mustang Matchbox car that I placed on the road. My friend’s husband loved his cake.

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