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Awesome Homemade Owl Cake

I wanted to make an owl cake for my son’s first birthday because I love owls and he being a baby always makes owl like “hooting” sounds when babbling. So I thought it would be cute.

I got my idea from Lore C. from Venice, FL. I just followed her directions and that’s how I made my cake. I couldn’t find the leaf candy so I left those out. I rented the cake pan (Wilton Classic wonder) from my local cake store. Made two cakes, flipped the second cake on top of the first. I let them cool over night. The next day I made the head of the cake from a regular round 8 inch cake pan, let that cool and cut the kidney shape out with a knife. I attached all three cakes with dowel rods just like Lore C wrote.

I used vanilla and chocolate icing from the store and attached the almond slices. I couldn’t find dried pineapple so I baked canned pineapple at 350 degrees for 30 minutes so it wasn’t drippy. I used an ice cream cone for the nose and jr mints for the eye ball part and I shaved chocolate off a Hersey bar with a vegetable peeler. So basically I did everything Lore C did. Thanks Lore C for the inspiration!

Great cake idea and I am happy with the way mine turned out.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Owl Cake”

  1. My niece made this cake for my sister. My niece said it took her all day to make the cake. Not a cake for an amateur cake maker. My sister said it was the best cake she has ever had-By far. She was very impressed. Thanks.

  2. do you have to rent a cake pan or can you just use two loaf pans, put them back to back and use the third loaf pan as the head? Would that work? I also don’t know how you would cut it?

  3. I rented the Wilton Wonder Mold, barbie dress cake pan, for the body and I just free handed the head, I drew it lightly on the cake with a tooth pick before cutting it out with a very sharp knife.


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