Coolest Pail of Sand Cake

This was a Pail of Sand Cake made for my little boy Josiah when he turned 3 years old. Our new pool was ready just in time and my husband had made a huge sand area beside it for the children to play in. This cake was perfect for our Josiah’s pool party!

I used 3 new,(and clean!), pails with their shovels for serving. The cake is super easy to assemble, just cut any flavor cake into small pieces and layer with pudding and whipped topping. I used crushed vanilla cookies for sand and chocolate seashells for the top… so simple and cute! This cake was a hit, many guests thought it was a just a decoration. Imagine their surprise when we dished it out, and it was delicious!

Please note that this actual cake is entirely gluten free, (I used gluten free cake mix, cookies, and pudding). However, you can use any flavor cake, cookies, and pudding… the varieties are endless!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Pail of Sand Cake”

  1. This is so creative, I love your cake, and your some hopefully did too, I am so doing this for my lil boy Noah’s Birthday lol.

  2. Love this cake idea! My little girl loves the sand and this would be a great idea for her b-day! We are also gluten free so appreciate the gf part of this as well!

  3. Looks cute! I love the idea of using the buckets….at first I thought you made them out of fondant…and wondered how you pulled that off. But so simple with scooping the cake out! That is great!


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