Coolest Paint Can and Paint Brush Cake

I made this cake for my husband’s birthday. He manages a paint store so I figured this would be perfect! I just drew a paint can and paint brush the size I wanted. Then I made two 9×13 cakes. I froze them overnight then once I had my templates cut out of card stock, I laid them on and cut them out with a sharp knife.

The icing of this cake was a little trickier than others I have made. I cut an extra template out in pieces to set over different areas of the cake as I iced it. For the brush, I laid the white strip of card stock between the green and the chocolate so I could have good lines, almost like when you are painting with tape. When I was done with both colors, I used a tooth pick to peel away the card stock. Then I carefully iced the white.

For the paint can, I cut out the circle and the blue label and set them on together to do the white first. Again, I used the tooth pick to peel away the circle, the iced it green. Last the label which I iced blue. The lettering is actually words that I cut out with my Cricut machine and sealed in contact paper, then placed on top of the can.

He loved it!

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