There is a romantic story behind this hedgehog birthday cake. It was ordered by a young woman as a gift for the birthday of her loved one, who is a talented artist. The hedgehog symbolizes the young artist himself, not only representing his personality, but also having something common with his appearance. :)

She knew that the cake would be beautiful, but she couldn’t imagine what exactly it would be like until the last moment when she saw it. It was a real surprise! But, it was a greater surprise for her boyfriend. She recorded a video with his reaction on it. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Hedgehog Birthday Cake Instructions

  • The base of the cake was 26 cm in diameter and was a white sponge banana-walnut cake with buttercream filling.
  • I sculpted the hedgehog body from Rice Krispie treats and covered it with fondant.
  • The hedgehog fur was the most difficult part of the work. I managed it with the help of the colander. :)
  • The hedgehog face, hands and all the other decorations of the cake were made of fondant and were 100% edible: brushes, easel, tubes etc.
  • The flowers and leafs were made with the help of special cutters, but the strawberries were handmade, modelled from fondant.

I know that the couple kept the hedgehog for a long time after eating the cake.  It has such a cute and realistic face that they were not able to cut it and taste. 

I have made a lot of cakes, but this one is one of my favorites. There is something extraordinary about it.