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Coolest Panda Bear Cake

This Panda Bear cake is for my grandson who will be 3. He loves Kung-fu-panda. I used the stand up bear pan and used 6 cups + 2/3 cup of cake mix. I mixed 2 mixes. I baked according to directions. And let cool according to directions.

I also used 3 skewers to help support the bear. He wobbles some. I used buttercream icing and used star tips to cover his head, body and feet and round tips to do his mouth, ears, nose and eyes.

I used colors of white, black, light brown and orange. I outlined the eyes in black and filled them in with a round tip then dabbed my finger in cornstarch to smooth the eyes. I did the same with the ears and nose.

I would like to have made arms out of fondant to look more like the cartoon but didn’t have time.

I sure hope he recognizes it!

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