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Coolest Panda Bear Cake

I made this Panda Bear Cake for my sister Adara’s 24th birthday. It was so much fun to make. I actually carved a 13X9 box cake, baked of course (she happens to love the funfetti flavor). I cut out and around the edges to make the shape of the panda bear.

Then took white frosting and covered the head and body minus the ears and feet and paws. It doesn’t need to be perfectly smoothed, as real pandas have tousled fur anyhow.

The paws, feet and ears were done with a pastry bag with black frosting. To get black frosting, simply buy chocolate frosting and add black food coloring until you get your desired depth of black. Then make the eyes, nose and mouth. Push out a small dot of frosting and quickly pull it away to leave a streak of frosting that resembles thick fur. Practice a couple times on a paper plate first.

I decorated the board behind it with bamboo stalks and leaves, free hand, once again, doesn’t need to be perfect, just be creative! Have fun.

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