Coolest Pants Cake 3

My sister and I made this Pants Cake for our niece “Capri’s” 1st birthday. It was really simple and anyone can do it too. All we did was bake a white sheet cake, and dumped it upside down onto a cookie sheet. Then we outlined the pant section with baby blue jean colored buttercream frosting. The left over cake was filled in with pink frosting just because pink is cute for little girls.

We used airhead belt candy for the belt, nerd rope for the trim along the bottom of the pants, and colored life savors and skittles for the flowers. We weren’t sure how to make it look like Capri pants instead of just regular long pants so we tried to give the bottom of the pants a raggety cut off look by forking the frosting a little bit. The stitching and peace sign was done with white buttercream frosting.

This cake was so easy and a HIT!

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