Coolest Party on Sesame Street Cake

Our daughter LOVES Sesame Street so, we decided to have a Sesame Street theme for her 3rd birthday party.

The cake was designed to be Party on Sesame Street Cake. I made all the decorations using modelling paste, which I love because you can make delicate things and it sets hard. I started out making each character, (Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Zoe , Oscar the Grouch and his pet worm Slimy ) using pictures of these characters from books/internet as a guide.

For Oscar’s trash can, I rolled out a strip of modelling paste and wrapped it around a cylinder shape and then let it dry before painting it. I made the balloons on cocktail sticks.

For all the finer details, for example, facial features, the design on the gifts and the chocolate chips on the cookies, I used food safe pens which I bought from a cake decorating supplier. They are a good investment as they are much easier to use rather than a fine paintbrush.

The famous Sesame Street sign (modified to have the birthday girl’s name and age on it) and lamp was mounted on a wooden skewer.

The cake board was a 14 inch square covered with white chocolate paste. The cake was a 20 cm square, chocolate marble cake, covered with white chocolate paste ( definitely tastes better than fondant). Once I had assembled the cake and put all the decorations on it, I used the remaining modelling paste to make little colourful beads and shapes to scatter everywhere to complete the party look.

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