Coolest Pastel Train Cake

This Pastel Train Cake was pretty simple. I used two loaf pans and an empty, cleaned can of corn. I mixed an ordinary white cake mix and greased my pans and can. Make sure you grease all of the can because most cans nowadays you can’t open from the bottom. You should fill the can somewhere between 3/4 and 1/2 full and the pans about 1/2 full.

Following the package directions I baked the cakes for about 40 minutes, but you should always test it. While the cakes were baking I made my board up. On a cake board I laid about 18 vanilla sugar wafers in a curve and then piped chocolate COOKIE ICING to make the tracks. I then took my golden Oreos (about 16) and made spokes on the wheels with the cookie icing. I went ahead and mixed up the four different frosting colors while I was letting the cakes cool. You will need 1 container for the engine alone (I bought 3 to be on the safe side.)

When the cakes were cool I cut one loaf into three equal pieces and set them aside. I cut 1/2 an inch off the longest sides of the loaf and saved the pieces to build up the engine house. (If I did this over again, I would have used 2 small loaf pans to build it up.) Use a case knife and carve around the can cake. Assemble your engine by placing the can cake on the engine loaf and secure with toothpicks (just be sure to remove before eating!). Frost your “cars” and “engine” (it’s easier to frost the “cars” elsewhere and then place them on the cake board).

I decorated the engine with various candies, two more cookies, and an ice cream cone. I topped the cars with melon balls, strawberries, and animal crackers.

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