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Coolest Patchwork Quilt Cake

I made this patchwork quilt cake for my aunt.  She is always making quilts and birthday cakes for our family so for her birthday I decided to make her both in one. I had been wanting to do this for a few years, but just got the chance this year.

A friend of ours gave me some money for working on her phone, which I wasn’t expecting. It was great because it gave me just enough to buy some cookie cutters that were perfect for the cake.

I got some fluted square cutters and used them as a sort of mold for each patch. Then I took some of the other cutters I had bought and used them to impress the designs into the cake just like my aunt does with her quilts.

My aunt always sows in special designs on her quilts that are unique to the person she’s making it for so I impressed the following designs in her cake.

  • A cross representing her being a preacher.
  • A treble clef for her being a singer (although a friend told me I should say it meant she’s nothing but treble).
  • A T-Rex because we always used to call her that (don’t ask).
  • A duck that is kind of hard to see. but it represented a book she used to read to me. She read the story straight out of the book, but my grandmother always made up her own version of it. When my aunt would read it to me she didn’t know that special version that didn’t exist on paper and so she would call my grandmother and ask how it went and she would then read it to me the RIGHT way.

My aunt means a lot to me and has inspired me and many others to live good godly lives and has always been an encouragement and a blessing.

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