Coolest Patick and Spongebob Cake

I made this Patick and Spongebob Cake for my step son’s birthday party. He loves Spongebob, and I found this picture of Spongebob and Patrick and thought it would be perfect for his cake. I printed the picture out and layed it in front of me while I free handed these two characters on the cake. I think the hardest part is mixing up all those different colors. I have three decorating guns and I put a different color in each, and I found myself changing color after color… that was time consuming.

I used blue for the background so it looked like water and then I just went off of the image I printed out to draw both Spongebob and Patrick on there. It is all icing I didnt use anything else on it. I used yellow to pipe around the outside of the cake.

I was pleased with how it turned out and he loved this cake.