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Cool Homemade Patriotic Birthday Cake

I was asked to do a patriotic birthday cake for a person having her 75th birthday, which happens to be on the 4th of July. The plate takes away from the cake a bit, but I think it was still cute. We made the cake in a star cake pan. We frosted it with white buttercream. We bought red, white, and blue candy melts. We melted some and put it in a plastic butter dish lid until hard.

We layered the white on top, and refrigerated until hard, and did the same with the blue on top of the white. When it had hardened up, we took it out and used a carrot peeler to create the colored curls. We also melted the colored candy melts and put them in star candy molds. We put those around the sides.

The cake was a big hit, and the birthday girl was thrilled!

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