Coolest Pekingese Dog Cake

I made this Pekingese Dog Cake for a friend’s nephew’s 1st birthday. They have a Pekingese dog that he loves, and requested a cake of the dog. I had never made a “realistic” animal cake before, so this one was quite challenging.

I first made 2 cakes in 9×13 pans and one in a round glass bowl. I stacked the 9x13s and inverted the round cake onto the back of the 9x13s, for the “back end” of the dog. I then carved out the hind legs, sides, head, and ears. I used scrap pieces of cake to make the front legs and attached them with icing.

I covered the whole cake in a tan buttercream, and added details in light brown, dark brown (chocolate), and black. To make the icing look more like hair/fur, I used a fork to make wavy lines all over the cake. For the tail, I just piped the light brown icing using “wavy” textured tip. I made a little “bone” cake using scraps and covered in chocolate icing, with the birthday boy’s name in front.

I’m pretty proud of how the cake turned out, and it was a hit at the birthday party!

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  1. Sorry, I have a correction to my description up there. I used a 9′ round cake and a cake in a bowl and put them on top of a 9×13 cake, then carved around the front and back to match the head and back-end of the dog…

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