Coolest Penguin Birthday Cake

My son really enjoyed learning about penguins in school. So……he HAD to have a penguin birthday party! The Penguin Birthday Cake was so much fun to make and I think it turned out great.

To get started I baked two 8×11 cakes. The first cake was the body. I didn’t have to cut this cake down at all, the size was perfect. I added a little bit of frosting to the bottom of the cake to keep it from sliding around on my serving tray. The second cake I cut the head, arms and feet from. The head was easy, it was pretty much a half circle. The arms and feet took a little more crafting with the knife. I will admit my husband helped with that.

After I got all the parts laid out and put together I used a toothpick to draw the outline of the white head and tummy. I then used a small straight spatula to get the white frosting inside my outline. After the white frosting, I started decorating with the black icing. I used star tip #18 for all the black. The black frosting was a big hit with all the kids! They were very excited to smile for the camera showing off their black teeth! The taste wasn’t bad at all. The orange was decorated with star tip #18 too. To make the beak I used orange craft paper and then the eyes were large googly eyes.

This was a great cake.

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  1. I love this cake and you did a wonderful job. I only hope that I can make mine look so good! thanks for the idea!

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