Coolest Homemade 3D Penguin Birthday Cake Design

My friend said that her son would like a Penguin Birthday Cake Design for his 3 year old birthday party. OK, no problem! Well, after searching the internet for some ideas, here is what I ended up creating.

I started with the base. I made two 10″ round vanilla cakes. I filled them with vanilla buttercream. I iced the base with swirly blue tinted vanilla buttercream.

For the penguin, I made chocolate cake and I used the Betty Crocker “Bake N’ Fill” dome cake pan for the body. I frosted it with chocolate icing. For the head, I mashed some chocolate cake scraps with frosting and molded it into a ball. I had never done this before but I saw it on The Cake Boss so I tried it and it worked really well. So I stuck the head ball on top of the body cake.

Next, I made marshmallow fondant. I tinted some of it black, rolled it out and laid it on the penguin body. Then I cut a white semi-circle for the belly. I cut out white ovals for the eye and stuck blue gum balls in the fondant for the eyeballs. The beak, bow tie and feet are all colored fondant. I secured the beak on the face with a toothpick.

The cake was a huge hit. The birthday boy was super excited for his penguin cake. The guests really enjoyed the cake both looks and taste. There were actually only two little pieces left at the end of the party.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade 3D Penguin Birthday Cake Design”

  1. I am wondering about the head—the cake scraps and frosting technique–could you explain that and how much cake scraps etc… I am planning on making this for a party Sun. and am nervous about this step. thanks

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact ratio of cake scraps to frosting. You just mush up the cake and add a small amount of frosting then add more until you have a consistency that is strong enough to hold its shape. Don’t stress, just have fun with it!

  3. I love your creativity! This cake looks perfect and I will attempt to emulate what you have done for my son’s 6th birthday in a few months – he is penguin-crazed and has been for years.

  4. My grandson is 3 yrs. old in a couple of weeks and he wants a penguin cake. I absolutely love yours but have a couple of questions. Do you have a special recipe for the fondant and do you put on a buttercream frosting first under the fondant?

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