Coolest Penguin Cake

I used a 9-inch round for the penguin cake, crumb-coated in vanilla buttercream, and covered in white fondant. The penguins are made of fondant, as are the snowballs and snowman.

The igloo is a small bowl that I covered in fondant, and covered the “door” in black fondant, a super-easy way to make a great cake for the penguin fan in your life.

I also brushed on white lustre-dust on all the “snow’ pieces (the snow, the igloo, the snowman and snowballs).

2 thoughts on “Coolest Penguin Cake”

  1. My daughter loves penguins and really wants a penguin themed birthday. She has a massive penguin collection in her bedroom. Can’t get in there for it.
    I made this cake a couple of days ago she loved it so much she really doesn’t want to cut it.

    Thanks for the idea


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